The purpose of the Association is to promote the common interests of independent advisory firm members. Initially, efforts will build credibility and recognition by implementing a public relations and marketing plan to champion the professional, independent image of the member firms.

The Association will speak to those issues of common interest to its membership which can best be addressed by a third party, and will seek to improve our effectiveness in influencing legislative matters of interest to our industry and clients.


Board of Directors
Terri Heaton, CIPMA, President
The Board of Directors is responsible for the business and affairs of the association as provided by law and the NAMA Bylaws. The Board consists of seven directors: the President, Vice President, two Directors-at-Large, and an Eastern Zone Director, a Midwestern Zone Director and a Western Zone Director.

Communications Committee
Maggie Burger, CIPMA
The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the association’s website, publishing the newsletter and the operation and utilization of the NAMA booth at conferences.

Conference Planning Committee
Shelley Aronson, CIPMA
The Conference Planning Committee is responsible for developing the program for the Annual Conference, recommending a location, coordinating all logistical details including registration and annual dinner details, soliciting sponsorships, establishing budgeting parameters of the event and setting a proposed registration fee.

Membership Committee
Tony King, CIPMA
Stephen Szanto, CIPMA
The Membership Committee is responsible for growing the membership of the association and seeking ways to develop closer relationships between the members and other firms active in public finance. This committee seeks to foster better and collaborative relationships among our firm, affiliate, associate, academic and retiree members to the benefit of our collective clients. It is a mission of this committee to identify and implement initiatives that add value to NAMA membership.

Education Committee
Lori Raineri, CIPMA
The Education Committee is responsible for coordinating and implementing NAMA-provided courses that meet or exceed continuing education unit (CEU) and continuing professional education (CPE) requirements for issuers and market participants. This committee seeks to promote the education goals set forth in NAMA’s Bylaws.

Best Practices Committee
Jeff Smith, CIPMA
The Best Practices Committee prepares and recommends best practice policies to the Board of Directors and membership for implementation.

Public Affairs Committee
Larry Kidwell, CIPMA
The Public Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending NAMA positions on policy matters, acting as liaison with TBMA, MSRB, GFOA, SEC, IRS, and other regulatory and governmental entities related to public finance policy, providing testimony when appropriate on industry-wide issues, and facilitating the involvement of the association on issues of industry-wide concern.

Testing, Ethics, and Standards Committee
Mike Harrigan, CIPMA
Leo Karwejna, CIPMA
The Testing, Ethics and Standards Committee administers the CIPMA exam, sets and coordinates continuing education standards, acts as a hearing board for alleged ethical violations, promotes a strong standard of ethics among NAMA members and reviews and updates the NAMA Code of Ethics as required.